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Vasquez Boulevard -Interstate 70 (VB-I70) Superfund Site Clean-up Working Group Meeting.  Planned, conducted, and facilitated meetings of the VB-I70 Superfund Working Group for the Region 8 EPA CERCLA Program. The Working Group provided a forum for community representatives, State and local governmental agencies, and other interested parties and organizations to provide input to EPA and other agencies, as appropriate, about environmental clean up requirements at the VB-I70 Site. (2005 – 2006).

Vasquez Boulevard – Interstate 70 (VB-I70) Superfund Site Stakeholder Assessment.  Presentation of final results to Region 8 EPA, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment CERCLA Program Managers and staff of other agencies supporting the clean-up. (May 26, 2005).

Cache la Poudre Watershed Water Quality Stakeholders: Identification, Assessment of Potential to Mobilize to Protect Water Quality, and Strategic Plan for Mobilizing to Protect Water Quality.  Presentation of final results to Project Sponsor representatives in Fort Collins, CO. Project Sponsors: City of Fort Collins, City of Greeley, Friends of the Poudre, Larimer County, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, North Front Range Water Quality Planning Association, South Forth Collins Sanitation District, and Weld County. (October 27, 2003)

Safe Drinking Water in Wyoming: EPA Lead and Copper Rule: Challenges and Solutions.  Planned and conducted a major conference and continuing education training intended for improving implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead and Copper Rule. Facilitated several key sessions. Rocky Mountain Regional Office, ICF Incorporated, Denver, Colorado. (Winter, 1992)

Protector of Earth’s Resources: Tribal Environmental Coalition (PERTEC).  Developed and facilitated a series of workshops for representatives of twenty-six Native American Tribes in the Rocky Mountains and High Plains intended to develop and incorporate an organization of Tribes to work on environmental problems on Tribal lands. (1991)

Pesticides in Ground Water: Federal and State Programs Meeting. Facilitated closing session of meeting of federal and state programs involved in agricultural chemicals and ground water for Region 8 U.S. EPA. (November, 1989)

Developing and Implementing MIS: A Professional Skills Workshop.  Conducted a professional skills development workshop in management information systems for graduate students in the Department of Government, New Mexico State University, Los Cruces, New Mexico. (Fall, 1989)

Identifying Information Related Needs and Design of a Management Information System.  Facilitated a workshop for the New Mexico Aviation Division staff supporting development and implementation of a computer information system supporting long-range capital improvements planning. (October, 1989)

EPA Mobilizing to Ban Lead from Drinking Water.  Planned and conducted a major conference intended for improving implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead in Drinking Water Program in Colorado. (November, 1988)

Organizational and Personnel Factors in Developing and Implementing a Computerized Geographic Information System for Decision Support.  Presentation to the Western Regional Social Scientists. (April, 1988)

Methodology for Developing Community Landslide Mitigation Plan.  Presentation to the Western Regional Social Scientists. (April, 1988)

Colorado State Landslide Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Presentation to the Western Seismic Council concerning methodology for developing the state plan. (October, 1987)

Transferring GIS Technology to Community Decision Makers.  Panelist on Geographic Information System Technology Transfer to Public Agencies at National Applied Geography Conference in Knoxville, Tenn. (October, 1987)

Boulder Medical Center System Design Group.  Designed and facilitated workshop supporting design and implementation of a computerized decision support system for use by clinic administrators. (June, 1987)

Nee Gronda Reservoir Development Plan.  Planned and facilitated public forum presenting results of Nee Gronda Reservoir Development Plan. (February, 1986)

Nee Gronda Reservoir Citizens’ Meeting.  Facilitated public forum in Southeast Colorado to develop consensus goals and concerns regarding Nee Gronda Reservoir development. (November, 1985)

Project Planning and Management Techniques.  Conducted a workshop on how to develop project management plans, for the Boulder County Community Action Program. (October, 1984)

Front Range High Technology Firms.  Developed and conducted a tour of high technology firms in the Colorado Front Range for representatives of a Japanese trade company for Philip Burgess and Associates (Denver, Colorado). (March, 1984)

High Technology Industrial Development in the Colorado Front Range.  Conducted a presentation concerning locational attributes of high technology industrial development in the Colorado Front Range for potential investors of Columbine Venture Capital. (October, 1983)

Region 8 Department of Energy Western Legislators Energy Project.  Planned and conducted two major conferences to provide technical assistance to state legislators on a broad range of energy planning and policy issues. The conferences addressed energy production technologies (e.g., oil shale, coal gasification), conservation/demand management, forecasting, information systems, and emergencies at the National Conference of State Legislatures for Region 8 and Headquarters DOE. Legislators participated from Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, South Dakota, and North Dakota. (1979, 1980)

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